Homemade Chips w/ Salsa


Homemade Guac with Chips


Homemade Guac with Chips sm $16 lg $29



Three cheeses, black beans, jalapenos, sour cream & pico de gallo Add: Chicken $4, Chipotle Chicken $4,Skirt Steak $5 Veggies $3

Queso Fundido with Chorizo


Mexican Monterey Jack & Cheddar Cheese fondue with Chorizo and Serrano Salsa, served with corn chips



Chicken $16 Steak $18 Veggie $15 Chorizo $16 Shitaki Mushroom $16



Wings 6 pc $12 10 pc $18   Hot, Mild, BBQ, Sriracha Honey

Mexican Tostadas


Fresh Guacamole and drizzled red chili aioli, served on crispy plantains Choice: Shrimp, Tuna or Steak

Mexican Pizza


cotija, pepper jack, chorizo, jalapeno, pico de gallo, zucchini flower, tomato sauce

Corn on the Cob


Grilled Corn on the Cob with chili dust and crumbled cotija cheese



Add Tuna $6 | Chicken $6 | Shrimp $8 | Steak $8

Sante Fe Cobb


Add Tuna $6 | Chicken $6 | Steak $8  

Tex Mex


Add Tuna $6 | Chicken $6 | Steak $8

Served on corn tortilla, flour tortilla or lettuce
Minimum 2 per order

Carne Asada


Grilled Skirt Steak, pico de gallo, Cotija Cheese and Cilantro Crema



Mushroom, roasted tomatoes, poblano pepper, zucchini, black beans, pickled red onions and charred salsa verde

Al Pastor


Grilled pork, onions, cilantro, pineapple, and avocado sauce

Grilled Guajillo Chicken


Fresh sliced avocado, onions, cilantro and roasted poblano sauce

Baja Fish


Mahi Mahi in baja slaw and lemon wasabi sauce



Served with red cabbage slaw and basil aioli

Blackened Tuna


Served with tropical mango salsa and wasabi

Organic Half Roasted Chicken


A bone in Pollo Asado marinated in Mexican spices, served with Mexican rice and beans and salsa verde on side please note this dish takes additional cook time

Enchilada en Mole Negro


3 Enchiladas Baked with cheddar monterey jack cheese, black mole, and cotija cheese; served with rice & beans Choice: Cheese $19 Chicken $22 Steak $24 Shrimp $24

Traditional Fajitas


chargrilled peppers and onions, rice, beans, pico de gallo, soft corn tortillas Choice of: Chicken $22 Steak $24 Shrimp $24 Any Combo $27

El Norte Burger


8oz burger served on toasted brioche bun with tomato, lettuce, cheese, bacon, salsa taquera and wedge fries

Chicken Sandwich


Grilled or crispy, served with lettuce, tomato, pickles, chipotle mayo and wedge fries

Rice Bowls


Served over Mexican rice and beans Choose from: Carne Asada, Al Pastor, Baja Fish, Shrimp, Vegetable, Grilled Guajillo Chicken, Blackened Tuna



Flour tortilla with Mexican rice, black beans, tex mex cheese, drizzled with sour cream Choice of: Chicken $4 Steak $5 Al Pastor $5



Maduros, Street Corn off Cob, Fresh Guac, Rice & Beans, Grilled Pineapple with Honey, Shishito Peppers